Total Raised : £26,857

How do I donate?

The Donation

You can make a donation in several different ways.  

  1. Through PayPal - online (PayPal is one of the easiest ways to pay money, as you can use your account or credit card. PayPal also offer the best rate for a donation of £5. 
  2. By sending it to our office
  3. By giving it to one of our registered £5 club members. 

Getting more people

We won't be able to get 10,000 people ourselves, but with your help we can. If we get 100 original donors, and they each get 5 people to do the same, we will have 500. If they each get 5 we have 2,500 new donors. If they each get 5 we are there in 3 steps!!!


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