Total Raised : £26,857

Why £5

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The Idea

We wanted to show you that you don’t have to give a lot to make a big difference. Sometimes if a donation is too small it will cost too much to process.  So we have come up with a simple plan to show you that you can make a difference by donating just £5 (less that 1 hour’s wage) and showing you “online” what your money did.

It is only £5 and you could give many kids new hope!

Get more people involved - we need 10,000

Please tell all your friends and all your family! Email them, facebook them!

If 50 original donors all get 5 new donors, who then all get 5 new donors it would only take 4 steps and we would have 38,000 donors (actually enough to build 3 schools!). That means in 50 days from now we could be reporting back to you about how your school is being built!

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